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1.LáGoon,Worship The Van
2.Conditioner,Stuck In The New Teens
3.Nancy No Shoes,Crimes Against Humonarchy
4.The Barracudas,Summer Fun
5.Three Dimensional Tanx,Ah Diddums
6.HVY DRT,Another Life
7.Automatic,Mind Your Own Business
8.The Cravats,Shy
9.Eddie & The Subtitles,American Society
10.Boston Rats,I Won
11.Infecticide,Pourquoi Pourquoi
13.Powersolo,Fuzz Face
14.Nancy No Shoes,I'm A Complete F*ckup And I'm Losing The Plot
15.The Degs,Here They Come
16.Shh . . Diam,Eat Your Local Fruits