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How to listen on the various days it's hosted is shown below. This show highlights the excellent EP "The Long Road To Ho" by Beastwood.The cover features a particularly fetching Wyoming beauty!Expect your inner ears to crumble under the metal onslaught from :

DIAMOND HEAD ~ One of the best versions of 'Am I EviL' around.
BEASTWOOD ~ Stoner, NOLA style.
ELEKTRIC MISTRESS ~ 70's metal in the vein of Dio etc
KHANUS~ Shamanic Death Metal
ELDER ~ Surprise Krautrock jams
ENFORCED ~ Slayer like thrash
PATHETIC ~ D beat death
TOMB MOLD ~ Mouldy death metal
PLAGUE OF CARCOSA ~ Heaving doom a la Bongripper
TORTURE ASCENDANCY 1307~ Blackened Death Metal

Listen here

Saturday - FuzzHeavy @ 4pm CST, 5pm EST, 10pm UK and 11pm CET,

Monday - Hand Of Doom @ 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK, 10pm EET

Tuesday - Downtuned Magazine & Radio@ 8pm EET/EEST, 7pm CET, 6pm UK, 1pm EST/EDT, and.....
Thursday - 2am EET/EEST, 1am CET, that is, Wednesday 00:00 UK, 7pm EST/EDT.

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