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Ranging from the Zombie Death Metal of Baleful Abyss to the brain frying jams of Joseph Of Kirezi and everything in between. I hope you'll discover your new favourite band!

Bands worshipped today!

ZED ~ Glorious bluesey stoner
KINGBEAST~ Razor sharp riffs with an abundance of groove
KEITZER ~ Brutal Death Metal
SONS OF GHIDORAH ~ Doom wrung with emotion
BALEFUL ABYSS ~ Zombie death metal
SORCIA ~ Stoner Doom from Seattle, Washington
3RD TRIP ~ Desert dry jams
JOSEPH OF KIREZI ~ Acid freak outs that only the Japanese can muster
BOTIS ~ Prog tinged blackened thrash
BOOK OF WYRMS ~ Prog sounds warped then reshaped.
GODZILLABONG ~ Heavy.......and stoned!
SUGILLATION ~ Death Metal with Celtic Frost type breakdowns
ACHERONTIA STYX ~ Technical blackened deaththrash

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Special thanks to George Obsidianmoon and Shayah Vita for the nod toward Sorcia.