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Deathrattle Podcast vol 22 'Death Aroma' edition is primed and ready to explode.

Featured today are the following awesome bands.

FEVER DOG ~ Raw stoner jam
PINTO GRAHAM ~ Groovy southern stoner
COLD CURSE ~ New death metal with riffs a plenty
ARROWHEAD ~ Superbly produced stoner. Huge sound
BURIAL REMAINS ~ Members of Fleshcrawl and Grim Fate..brutal
SYMPTOM ~ Relentless death/thrash/doom
JIMBO ~ Gnarly alt stoner
CAZADOR~ Atmospheric Post-sludge
BEASTWOOD~ Gripping southern sludge
WAIT ~ Prog death. Reminds me a little of Confessor
SEPTIC APES ~ Punishing Stoner doom.
AUBZAGL ~ Pure black metal with great sound
FEUERZEUG ~ Amazingly technical, original, stoner metal

Listen here

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