Doom comes in many guises and I've tried to capture most, if not all of them in this playlist. There are two parts. Feel free to download both.

ABANDON ~ In Reality We Suffer (In Reality We Suffer 2004)
B.S.T ~  Chance (Under Deck 2017)
CAGED ~ The Concrete That Encased The Rose ( Stricken By Continuance 2020)
DAETHLUST ~ Oak (The Deliverer 2013)
EAGLE TWIN ~ Carry On King Of Carrion (The Unkindness Of Crows 2009)
FAAL ~ Grief (Desolate Grief 2018)
GALAXICON ~ Rapture Of The Deep (Old Gods 2012)
H.C.MINDS ~ Land Of The Wargoat (The Beginning Of The End 2009)
I AM COLOSSUS ~Moss Icon (I Am Colossus 2009)
JAHBULONG ~ Black Horses Run Split With Mongoose 2018)
KADABRA ~ Settle Me (Ultra 2021)
L.O.W ~ Tear Me Open (Bones 2017)
MAD GOD ~ The Hunt ( Grotesque and Inexorable 2018)
NAEVUS ~ Sky Diver (Sun Meditation 1998)
O ZORN! ~ The Devil Loves Me 2013)
P.O.W ~ Black Acid Mood (EP1 2014)