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Deathrattle Podcasts 'Anointing The Sick' has created the 8th Sacrament....crush by doom sludge!. I'm playing a track by Marianas Rest in anticipation of the new album 'Fata Morgana' to be released through Napalm Records .A track each from the split between Beneath The Frozen Soil and Evoken . There is a classic sludge portion featuring Toadliquor, Grief and Bongzilla. More nasty sludge follows with Ramesses and Moloch. The show ends with a track from A Day Of Pigs before closing with a track off one of my all time favourite albums 'At The Crossroads by Jail, this is some of the greasiest shit you've ever heard!
Doom will be served by ~
Marianas Rest
Beneath The Frozen Soil
A Day Of Pigs

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Metalzone Radio each
Thursday @ 00:00 - 1.30am EET, 5pm EST,11am CET, and 10pm UK

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No track too heavy, no song too long, No riff too slow!