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Anointing The Sick awakens to the sound of the doom bell. I played the new Spelljammer with their heaviest track to date, along with new Sullen Guest. Caskets Open are to be represented Stateside by Seeing Red Records and Wise Blood Records who are releasing 'Concrete Realms of Pain' in vinyl and cassette formats. I also have a track from the awesome new stoner doom band Pale Keeper. The old guard are represented by Low Flying Hawks and the showpiece track is from the lords of funeral doom Mournful Congregation. I've slipped some sludge in with a grimy track from the litter obsessed Skull Tank. The show closer is the Saint Vitus like tones of Amethyst.
Playlist ~
Spelljammer, Sullen Guest, Caskets Open, Skull Tank, Pale Keeper , Lowflyinghawks, Mournful Congregation Official, Amethyst
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