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The Shrieks From Below's cauldron is bubbling over with tracks from some of the recently released albums that you need to hear. Whatever your poison, there will be something here for you to dig on. Filth corner is a nasty Triumvirate from Arizona Thra, Earthwalker and Saintbreaker. Bands featured on this upcoming show are :

PLAINRIDE ~ Battletoads

Lost Tribes Of The Moon ~ Revenant
Mt. Mountain ~ Moon Desire
Earthwalker ~ Elder Trees
SaintBreaker ~ Extinction Event
THRA ~ Trial By Stone
Hellavator ~ Full Throttle
Clawhammer ~ Kiss The Apocalypse
Soen ~ Orison
Hessian ~ Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers
Psychic Dose ~ Curse Of The Witchunter
What Washington Wants ~ Gandspell

Listen here for your aural ambrosia
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As always, there are those to thank for supporting the Radio Station and Blog. ClawHammer PR (Lost Tribes Of The Moon), Cardinal Fuzz ( For releasing Mt.Mountain's 'Cosmos Terros' outside Aus) Earsplit PR(Soen) Dewar PR (Hessian) Andrew Anthony Costantino of Psychic Dose. Silver Lining Music, Ripple Music