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The Shrieks From Below Podcast Airs on The Shrieks From Below Radio, Hand Of Doom Radio and Downtuned Radio and Magazine.

This Sunday, a new show crawls out from under its rock, playing brand new songs from some of the relevant new releases of the week. As always there is something for everyone .The show starts with the deathsludge of Dirge and ends with the hardcore influenced Dead Witch. There's pretty much everything in between.
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Listen here SUNDAY 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

MONDAY - Hand Of Doom 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet, 8pm UK. 10pm eet.For details of how to tune in
TUESDAY Downtuned Magazine & Radio 8:00pm EET/EEST 7:00pm CET 6:00pm UK 1:00pm EST/EDT
THURSDAY - Downtuned Magazine & Radio @ 2am EET 1am CET, 7pm EST, 8PM South America 12pm UK Listen here LISTEN @

Bands worshipped this week :
DIRGE ~ Corpse Of Cortez
BLACK LOTUS ~ Son's Of Saturn
CASTLE ~ Hexenring
VELVET ELEVATOR ~ Children Of The Sun I, II, III
MOUNTAIN DUST ~ Into The Depths
Brujas del Sol ~ Sisterlace
Domkraft ~ Octopus
COSMIC OVERLORD ~ Infernal Sabbath
AEROSOL JESUS ~ The Inbetween
SLAP GURU ~ Diagrams Of Pagan Life
BRAINOIL ~ Corrosive Ribbons Of Light
HAIR OF THE DOG ~ Empty As The Wind
SUNDRIFTER ~ Sky Peoples Son
DEAD WITCH ~ The Hour Is Upon You

Thanks for the continued support of Qabar - Extreme Music PR( Dirge), Inverse Records (Black Lotus), Sheltered Life PR (Castle ) Cardinal Fuzz (Velvet Elevator - Vinyl) Kozmik Artifactz ( Mountain Dust, Brujas Del Sol, Hair Of The Dog ) Jadd Shickler / Red Lead Media/ Blues Funeral Recordings (Domkraft) Earsplit PR (Brainoil, Sundrifter ) Carcosa PR (Dead Witch), Ripple Music, Tankcrimes, Small Stone Records.
Amazing Art by Kirill Semenov Art