Why some people's recipes work better... When you decide to bake something, where do you start? Most of us google around, then pick one of the first recipes that pops up. But experienced home bakers often turn to cookbook author Dorie Greenspan. "Dorie does rock solid recipes," says Chandra Ram, who judges the prestigious IACP Cookbook Awards. So what's Dorie doing that makes her recipes better than others? This week, in a show taped pre-quarantine, we travel to her home in Connecticut to find out. We watch her test a recipe, and get a look at her butter fridge. This episode is a companion piece to our recent show, "The Art -- And Joy -- Of Recipe Writing." So check that one out if you want to hear more about how great recipes are written, as well as the story of the woman who created Joy of Cooking, despite finding no joy in cooking.

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