Cooking and panicking in quarantine... Most weeks we plan on providing you with a nice distraction during these times, but this week, in a show recorded in Dan's basement, we're here with commiseration. For that Dan turns to two old friends. Marc Maron, comic and host of the podcast "WTF," may be an expert on panic. He's spent much of his life expecting the worst, and his new Netflix stand-up special is called "End Times Fun." Marc and Dan explore "Diminishing Buffet Syndrome" — a satirical condition they both suffer from, which creates an irrational fear that any buffet is about to run out of food or at least diminish in quality — and how that applies in a global pandemic. Then, chef and writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of "The Food Lab" tells us how his restaurant is doing and what the latest research says about how to handle food to minimize exposure to coronavirus. Finally, Kenji and Dan take your calls and help you figure out what to do with all your random pantry items. We hope you're doing okay out there.

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