Playlist N°50

Du 7 au 14 décembre 2019

INTRO : Kevin Fowler : Mousturdonus

Isaac Cole: Too Nice (Single-2019)

John Riggins: I Got Rid of Her for You (I Want My Country Back-2019)

Jason Aldean: Tattoos and Tequila (9-2019)

Lee Forster: Dust Up (Buzz Around Me-2019)

John Crouch: It Ain't Easy Gettin' Old (Saving Nickels, Spending Dimes-2019)

Charlie Shafter: Leave Her Wild (Single-2019)

Mario Flores: I Only Miss Her When it Rains (Almost Famous-2019)

Harry Luge: Music and Wine (Single-2019)

Flatland Cavalry: Sober Heart of Mine (Single-2019)

Erin Viancourt: Playin' Old Records (Single-2019)

Stevie Lee Woods: Good Time To Go Home (Single-2019)

Morgan Ashley: Wild Card (Single-2019)

Dana Deatherage: Faded Memories (Single-2019)

Darryl Cottingham: Shadows on the Dancefloor (Single-2019)

Jimmy Bowen: Single Down in San Antone (Single-2019)

Junior Gordon: Barbed Wire And Roses (Made In The USA-2016)

OUTRO : Campfire