Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

Skip Ewing : Road Dog (Road To California-2024)

Zach Top : Sounds Like the Radio (Cold Beer & Country Music-2024)

Cherise Carver and Nash Stanley : Running Out Of Next Times (Single-2024)

Kitty Steadman : Motors Don't Run on Dreams (The Truck Driver’s Daughter-2024)

Bernie Nelson : Stockyards Cadillac (2024)

George Birge : Hard on the Bottle (Cowboy Songs-2024)

Ian Munsick : Boots, Buckles & Bolos (White Buffalo-2024)

Adam Wainwright : A Good Story (Hey Y’all-2024)

Briana Dinsdale : Whiskey Worked That Way (Single-2024)

Lyndsey Buchanan : Wild Eyes (Single-2024)

Chayce Beckham : Waylon In '75 (Bad For Me-2024)

Jessta James : Promiscuous Angel (Chase The Storm-2024)

David Adam Byrnes : Keep Up With A Cowgirl (Single- EQUIBLUES 2024)

Bailey Rae : Oklahoma Girl (Single-EQUIBLUES 2024)

Matt Castillo : Corazon (Single-EQUIBLUES 2024)

Case Hardin : Alcohol Abuse (Lucky Him-2022-EQUIBLUES 2024)

Outro : Campfire