Playlist N°48

Du 21 au 28 novembre 2020

INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus

ENDRESEN: The Right Way Home (The Right Way Home-2020)

LARISSA TORMEY: Breath Of Fresh Air (Single-2020)

DANA DEATHERAGE: Green Lights (Single-2020)

DALLAS MOORE & BILLY DON BURNS: If We’re Gonna Kill Each Other (Single-2020)

DAKOTA RITTER: Stars Over San Antone (Single-2020)

BILLY RAY CYRUS: Good At Goodbyes (The Swingin’ Hills Sessions-2020)

CHRIS STAPLETON: Devil Always Made Me Think Twice (Starting Over-2020)

GEORGE DEARBORNE: Old Brown Bottle (Single-2020)

RAMBLIN’ JAKE: Hammock In July (Single-2020)

TRENT COWIE BAND: Drive (Single-2020)

SAM COX BAND: Losing Someone (Single-2020)

JOHNNY CASH: Busted (At Folsom Prison-1968)

SHENANDOAH: Life Would Be Perfect (Every Road-2020)

JOSH ABBOTT BAND: The Highway Kind (The Highway Kind-2020)

JP CYR & THE MIGNIGHTMEN: No Trouble No More (Fooled Again-2020)

JOE KING: Down In Stillwater Oklahoma (Single-2020)

RANDALL KING: Hey Moon (Single-2020)

OUTRO : Campfire