Playlist N°50

Du 5 au 12 décembre 2020

INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus

ANDREW DEAN : Swingtime (Bridges-2010)

ZACH CORNELL : Simple (Devil’s Been Working-2020)

BRENT COBB : Keep Them On They Toes (2020)

WAYNE GARNER : 3 AM In Reno (Songs For Savages-2020)

THE PIEDMONT BOYS : Heartache At The Jukebox (Almost Home-2020)

DAMIEN VAN ELBURG : Stay Away From That Whiskey (Single-2020)

TIM MONTANA : River Kids (Cars On Blocks-2020)

THE WOODPICKERS : Lilies (Single-2020)

TIM BLUHM : If We Make It Through December (Hag Heaven-2020)

KELSEY WALDON : The Law Is For Protection Of The People (They’ll Never-2020)

LEE TUCKER : Thinking About Cheating (Damn Whiskey-2020)

BRIT TAYLOR : Go Down Swingin’ (Real Me-2020)

GRANGER SMITH : Man Made (Country Things, Vol. 2-2020)

TRAVIS SMITH & CINDY JO SANDERS : How Can I Miss Her (Single-2020)

HAL KETCHUM : Small Town Saturday Night (Past The Point Of Rescue-1991)

HAL KETCHUM : Midnight Works For Me (I’m The Troubadour-2016)

OUTRO : Campfire