TMR #15 Southern Brutality IV is an excellent mix of black, death, grind from all across Texas with several servings of new music. If you'd like your band featured on the show send an email to and we will get back to you. End Hip End It Year 2 Heavy Mash 2017 Brash Brewing Please consider sending a donation to HOPE for Houston a homeless outreach program we work with. With the new laws against homeless people in Houston HOPE needs our help via donation.

Bands are listed as they appear on the show Wrought of Obsidian

Desecrate the Faith


Dawn of Dissolution

*new album coming this year



Venereal Baptism

Flesh Hoarder

Murderous Ideology

Darker By Design

Vaginal Bear Trap

Whore of Bethlehem Intro song "Harbinger" by Blues Funeral

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