TMR #20 brings you a hodge podge of various genres and we hope you enjoy! Lots of new music on this episode so click those links and support some local bands.


Stoner DAZE Festival

For excellent craft beer in Houston check out Sigma Brewing Company

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Bands are listed as they appear on the show Mr Plow Deadhorse Wings of Dahka Caustic Cell Mammoth Grinder Chemicaust Omotai Wellborn Road Rise from Fire Gutter Cunt THUNDERTANK Gigantalope Intro song "Harbinger" by Blues Funeral

Mid song “Hashbrownies” by The Dirty Seeds

Exit song "Call To Peity" by Project Armageddon Listen to all local Texas metal on your phone for FREE on these apps iTunes, Google Music, YouTube, Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast, Player FM, Podcast Addict, Satchel Player. Just search the Texas Metal Show.