The Texas Metal Show brings you the second edition of Texas Metal Radio Southern Brutality. This episode features nothing but black/death/grind from the deep south. If you don’t like growls, guttural screams, blast beats, and brutal shredding this episode is not for you!

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HOPE for Houston

Nov 19th Fall Metal Festival (Houston)

Nov 19th First Church of Amplifier Worship (Houston)

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As always bands are listed as they appear on the show

CORRECTION: Dawn of Dissolution song is Frozen Conquest not Nightfrost.

Dawn of Dissolution

Dei Aemeth

The Isdal Cadaver





Suicide Pandemic

Blood of an Outlaw



Malevolent Force

Intro song "Battlefield Girth" by Destroyer of Light…ield-girth

Middle section song "Hashbrownies" by The Dirty Seeds

Exit song "Call To Piety" by Project Armageddon

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