Yes, another one. Mwah hah haaa. Lock up the kids, Campfires & Battlefields, because the Song, by Toad musical cuss-o-rama is back on air for more blethering, swearing, slurring and first class tunery.

Actually, I don't think this one is anything like as good as the first, if I'm honest. It's a bit over-long at fifteen songs so I think in future I'm going to limit myself to ten or twelve at the most, not least because my shitbox of a computer starts having a panic once I've stuffed that many audio files into a single project. So, fifteen songs then, with a bit of an emphasis on late 80s jangly indie guitar and containing one of the most brilliant ever drunken fuck-ups about three-quarters of the way through. Beware the horrors of letting your children turn into indie kids, people! So a bit too long, and occasionally too much inconsequential chatter, but we live and learn and the next one will be better, I promise.

Toadcast #2, the 80s English Indie One

1. My Teenage Stride - Terror Bends (01.00) 2. Honeytrap - Let's Do Naked Dancing (03.37) 3. The Mutton Birds - The Queen's English (09.38) 4. The Veils - The Wild Son (17.38) 5. The 63 Crayons - Devils (21.40) 6. The Smiths - I Started Something (26.05) 7. Honeytrap - Death Before the Silver Screen (31.03) 8. Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Morning is Broken (36.14) 9. The Indelicates - New Art For the People (41.57) 10. The Indelicates - Stars (45.51) 11. MJ Hibbett & the Validators - The Lesson of The Smiths (50.32) 12. The Specials - Guns of Navarone (55.02) 13. Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (57.20) 14. Honeytrap - Mussolini's Son (66.06) 15. Frank Turner - Heartless Bastard Motherfucker (73.25)

Song, by Toad
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