Mrs. Toad has been stranded in God Bless America by that infernal cloud of Icelandic ash, so I am home alone for the last week and all of the next one.  This is very much Not Fun, because as much as she's a mean old bitch, I do seem to have developed a grudging affection for the silly old mare so a fortnight apart is very much unappreciated.  It's about time those Icelanders re-established some bloody discipline, honestly.

Anyhew, there is some excellent stuff on this podcast, even though it really doesn't hang together around a particular theme as they sometimes do.  In actual fact, I don't think I've done a themey one for a while - might give that a go next week.

Toadcast #118 - The Ashcast

01. Johnny Flynn - Kentucky Pill (4.11) 02. Burnt Island - A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (10.51) 03. Draw Me Stories - Becomes the Hunted (18.25) 04. Haunted Stereo - Lock the Doors (22.29) 05. Ragged Claws - Lamed Wufniks (30.44) 06. Fleet Foxes - Silver Dagger (36.07) 07. Hezekiah Jones - I Love My Family (40.13) 08. Cocorosie - Lemonade (42.14) 09. Br'er - Crocus (50.41) 10. Devolver - Promise (56.24) 11. Giant Sand - Anarchistic Bloshevistic Cowboy Bundle (58.44)