I will be in Macclesfield at Unconvention, pretending to know what the fuck I am talking about when it comes to new music business models when you come to listen to this.

I do get a shiny new pair of Converse, courtesy of the sponsors, which is cool.  But above all, me, the chance to talk shit... well, it's just a match made in heaven isn't it.

My Granddad lives in Manchester too, which is rather convenient, so on Sunday I will go round to his house and say hello.  Who knows, it might even shunt me slowly out of the Bad Son status I have been occupying for all these years.

This playlist is largely composed of new stuff which has appeared in my inbox recently, and a couple of bizarre wild cards - two covers,

Toadcast #121 - The Votecast

01. Yusuf Azak - Turn on the Long Wire (06.23) 02. Micah P. Hinson - 2s and 3s (12.50) 03. Nina Nastasia - Cry, Cry, Baby (17.58) 04. Emit Bloch - Milkshake vs. Passenger (Kelis & Iggy Pop) (23.50) 05. Run on Sentence - Out in the Woods (30.16) 06. eagleowl - Morpheus (33.43) 07. David Tattersall - The Old Family (39.15) 08. Los Hombres - Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out) (41.36) 09. Male Bonding - Year's Not Long (46.12) 10. Willie Nelson - Smells Like Teen Spirit (49.22) 11. Super Adventure Club - Pick Up Sticks (57.03)