This is called the Dolecast for... well, for obvious reasons.  I am on the downward slope to imminent joblessness, with my last day at Proper Job now pencilled in for the 23rd of June - the day before Glastonbury, rather handily.

Actually festivals are something of a feature this Summer, as there's that one, Kelburn, Rockness, Fusion out in Germany, and then Knockengorroch, which I will be driving out to the very second I hit 'post' on this.  We're also looking at going out to Musicfest Northwest this year as well, and of course the rather splendid Fence Away Game.

So erm, yes, maybe I should have called this the Festcast or something like that.

Toadcast #124 - The Dolecast

01. The Wave Pictures - I Shall be a Ditchdigger (03.09)02. Fur Hood - Tweetle Beetle Battle Beetles (12.27) 03. Fear the Fives - Devil's Tongue (15.39) 04. Southern Tenant Folk Union - South Ythsie (20.19) 05. Benni Hemm Hemm - Retaliate (29.11) 06. The Douglas Firs - Grow Old and Go Home (33.09) 07. Magic Bullets - Lying Around (37.12) 08. Perfume Genius - Lookout, Lookout (41.25) 09. The Effort - Adjust (46.54) 10. Tusk Tusk - Crazy Little Birthmarks (55.56)