So, we are off to Eigg this weekend for the Fence Away Game.  Being a gallant sort I booked tickets for Mrs. Toad as well, as I thought she would enjoy such a picturesque setting, but the grumbling noises emanating from my better half over the last week or so have suggested that she is planning on weaselling out at the last minute.  Fucking typical, is all I can say.

Anyhow, this week's podcast is the usual mixed bag of new stuff and old stuff, and also includes an expectation of the dubious concept of Mixtape Infidelity, as well as new tracks from Honeytrap, British Sea Power, Mount Erie, The Scottish Enlightenment and the Savings and Loan.

Please do not confuse this with the Eggcast, by the way.  I know the names are awfully similar, but I only have a limited imagination and couldn't be arsed thinking of anything more original.

01. Honeytrap - Roslin in a Cylon (00.17)02. Mount Erie - I Whale (06.50)03. Timber Timbre - Lay Down in the Tall Grass (15.17)04. Wilmer Watts & the Lonely Eagles - She's a Hard-boiled R0se (20.12)05. British Sea Power - Zeus (27.30)06. The Scottish Enlightenment - Drip Feed (36.22) 07. Grant Lee Buffalo - Crashing at Corona (45.45)08. The Raincoats - Don't be Mean (49.47)09. The Savings and Loan - Pale Water (58.01.)10. Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt.1 (63.15)