The Fishcast?  Yes, because the fishmonger opposite our house is today auctioning off for charity the largest lobster ever to be fished out of the Firth of Forth, and the fucking thing is ma-hooo-sive!  Honestly, if that little bastard ever got its claws on you I don't think you'd stand a fucking chance.

Anyhow, yes, I do know that a lobster isn't a fish, don't worry, but the Fishcast just had a better ring to it than the Fuckinggreatbiglobstercast, and the word Crustacean didn't seem to have an obvious way of crunching down into the Somethingcast.  So Fishcast it is, deal with it.

01. The Generationals - Trust (00.17)02. The Divine Comedy - The Seafood Song (09.51)03. The Driftwood Singers - Coco Ellis (17.33)04.  The Tragically Hip - Chagrin Falls (25.59)05. Toby Richardson - King of All the Moves (30.06) 06. Utidur - Grasping for Thoughts (39.35) 07. Slow Talk - Fashion Sense (42.43) 08. King Post Kitsch - I'd Sooner Laugh (Demo) (53.34) 09. Bear Driver - Golden Touch (Demo) (55.31) 10. Saharan Gazelle Boy -Halfhair Girl (61.24)