The Stallcast you ask?  Yes indeed the Stallcast, because my brain is still stuck in neutral after the Christmas break and seems annoyingly resistant to being asked to function properly at the moment.  I've had half a week back 'at work', if I can really call it that, and I still feel like the the old grey custard is still spluttering a bit, rather than firing on all cylinders.

The playlist reflects this in many way too, because it's a bit all over the place.  Good tunes though, although I suspect those amongst you with Haircuts might not be as impressed as others.

Anyhow, the mission for this week is to get fucking moving, clean out the foostiness in the brain and properly embark upon 2011.  A jump start may be needed, however.

01. R.E.M. - It Happened Today (00.23) 02. Sin Fang - The Only Living Boy in New York (09.24) 03. Jamie Cameron - When You're Almost Done, Run (15.14) 04. Johnny Hawaii - The Lonely Smurfer (20.10) 05. Speak & the Spells - She's Dead (26.51) 06. Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man - Tom the Model (35.34) 07. Future Bible Heroes - A Thousand Lovers in a Day (39.09) 08. Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever (43.15) 09. Charles Latham - Hard On (48.25)10. FOUND - Machine Age Dancing (55.39)