Fast because I need to squeeze eleven songs into an hour because I just didn't want to trim the playlist, fast because I want to get out into the back garden asap to enjoy the sun, and fast because um... well, just because.  I dunno.  Fuck you, anyway, this is the one-hundred-and-eighty-first stupid name for one of these damn things I've had to come up with.  The names were bound to get worse over time really, weren't they.

Anyhow, once this is done, I expect to get a couple of hours out in the garden before buggering off to Henry's for the Edinburgh School for the Deaf, Zed Penguin and Spook School gig.  These things have to happen on bloody glorious days, don't they. Ah well, at least it wasn't a Toad Session this time, like it usually is the moment we get a sunny day.

01. Yo La Tengo - Outsmartener (00.25) 02. Enfant Bastard - Demo Scene (06.40) 03. Lambchop - Came Home Late (12.34) 04. Smog - Teenage Spaceship (16.35) 05. Castor - Watcher Buckles (21.56) 06. Boring Girls - Tin Foliage (27.57) 07. Mitchell Museum - What They Built (32.15) 08. Plastic Animals - It Fell Apart (35.27) 09. Seafieldroad - Cramond Island Causeway (40.56) 10. Sun Glitters - Things Are... (47.11) 11. Little Deadman - Post Helado Madness (52.31)