Winecast because after soberly recording these on a Saturday afternoon for the last couple of years, I'm recording this after a bottle of wine on a Sunday evening for a change.  So don't expect coherence, but it honestly isn't all that bad.

Mrs. Toad and I were down looking at the Port O' Leith  Motor Boat Club today, wondering if we might buy the place, move in and try and turn it into the kind of recording space and performance space we already try and use our house as.  It's a great building, but I am not entirely certain how popular a place in Newhaven might prove to be to Edinburgh people reluctant to go more than a block or two for their musicfunz.

Anyhewww, here we have another ten songs of unbelievable brilliance, for which you will no doubt be enormously grateful and umm *cough cough* well, you're more than welcome.

01. Prize Pets - It Takes Time (00.09) 02. Ian Humberstone - House on the Hill (07.34) 03. Waiters - Tomorrowland (15.05) 04. Former Bullies - Golden Chains (20.21.) 05. Talvihorros - Beta (26.39) 06. Palms - Wolf (37.23) 07. Burning Yellows - Chopsticks (42.32) 08. Debutant - Yeah! Currahee! (51.00) 09. The Japanese War Effort - Dreaming of a New Labour (54.49) 10. King Creosote & John Hopkins - Bats in the Attic (Unravelled) (62.52)