The Dreichcast is so called because yesterday was fucking dreich. Dreich is another one of those wonderful Scots words which I, with my vague sort of RP/BBC/public school accent can't really pronounce properly, but I wish I could.

Nevertheless it worked out pretty nicely actually, and despite the drizzle and general unpleasantness, Mrs. Toad and I went out for a wander, had some lunch, bought some immensely smelly cheese, and then went and got utterly scooshed at the Emily Scott album launch, and then on to Papi Falso at Henry's Cellar Bar.

I really like Papi Falso actually.  The music is weird, but still upbeat, and far, far better than the doosh-doosh garbage or excruciating cheese you would hear at most other clubs.  And also, being Henry's, there is space to sit and shoot the breeze, rather than having to scream in one another's ears from half an inch away.

01. Only the Sea Slugs - She Said (00.09)02. Wilco - Art of Almost (06.23)03. Pet - Love Buzz (16.40)04. Nirvana - In Bloom (21.37)05. Benjamin Shaw - The Birds Chirp and the Sun Shines (29.15)06. We Can't Enjoy Ourselves - Your Darkest Thoughts Will Shine (34.40)07. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Taste the Floor (39.47)08. Toto & the Bad Eggs - Little Naked (45.17)09. Whirling Pig Dervish - A Question of Sport (48.17)10. Tom Waits - Burma Shave (57.49)