This is called the Changecast because, in an absolutely stunning turn of events, it is not packed full of lo-fi garage rock for a bloody change.  Considering the racket you've had to put up with for the last year or so, it seems I have kindly granted you the respite of three songs you'd probably vaguely describe as Americana and a couple which are most unmistakably pop!  I know! Get me!Tonight is of course the Rob St. John album launch down at Pilrig St. Paul's in Leith.  He will be joined on the bill by Viking Moses, Meursault and eagleowl, the latter of whom just happen to be recording their debut album at the moment, which is rather exciting.So, I will post this, attempt to get some nice lunch somewhere and then commence that uncomfortable 'no-one's coming no-one's coming no-one's coming... oh thank fuck' dance I inevitably end up doing whenever I am promoting a gig.  Why I put myself through this all the time I just don't know.

01. Cub Scouts - Evie (00.20) 02. Horsecollar - The Thrill of Never Being Satisfied (06.53) 03. Yoofs - John Actor is Monkfish (14.39) 04. Youthfall - Guard it Like a Fortress (18.01) 05. Rollor - Jekyll Island (22.37) 06. The Lovely Sparrows - National Monuments (33.07) 07. Ohbijou - Niagra (39.42) 08. Milk & Biscuits - Rivers (44.10) 09. First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar (50.45) 10. The Twilight Sad - Sick (58.25)