This particular podcast was somewhat railroaded by two different things, and hence has very little of the new music/inbox harvesting stuff you may have come to expect from Song, by Toad.

Firstly, I went to see Jeffrey Lewis on Wednesday.  He was supported by Seth Faergolzia from Dufus and covered 2+2=? by the Bob Seger System, which explains two of the songs.

Secondly, I went out to visit a couple of pals on Thursday night.  That resulted in an epic Pearl Jam-a-thon, so I was looking for some Pearl Jam to play today, only to happen across an old compilation with Pearl Jam, Luna, The Magnetic Fields, Yo La Tengo, Beck and others on it, which explains a couple more songs.  As for the rest, well, there's just no excuse really, is there.

01. Soulsavers - Revival (00.16)02. Pearl Jam - Bu$hleaguer (08.47)03. Seth Faergolzia - Weird Old Toad (16.40)04. Bob Seger System - 2+2=? (19.53)05. Lords of Bastard - Chant (25.24)06. The Blue Runes - Stream Fog (31.59)07. Beck - Golden Age (37.54)08. Luna - Black Champagne (42.24)09. The Eagles - Outlaw Man (52.25)10. Honey Train - Yo Toad/Deepness (Demo) (58.37)