Cakecast? Yes, the Cakecast, because I turn thirty-six today, and in the absence of a real cake and in honour of the fact that I have a gig tonight at the Wee Red and will hence be working, I decided that at least a picture of some cake was in order. I don't worry about age particularly, but I have to confess that thirty-six sounds suspiciously more like 'nearly forty' than it does like 'thirty-something'.  Curse you time and your unrelentingly linear nature!

Anyhow, as I said, tonight we have Gummy Stumps, Weird Era and Battery Face at the Wee Red Bar for a fiver, so those of you wishing to come along and help me get pished and make a fool of myself will have plenty of opportunity to do so.  A can of Red Stripe will do the trick, there's none of your fancy micro-brew pish at the Wee Red.

01. Clem Snide - Happy Birthday (00.16)02. The Quiet Americans - Be Alone (07.10)03. Bottle of Evil - The Boatman (11.52)04. Tropic of Cancer - Distorted Horizon (15.55)05. Islet - This Fortune (21.20)06. Samantha Crain - Traipsing Through the Aisles (Daytrotter Session) (29.54)07. Bos Angeles - Beach Slalom (35.16)08. Ghost Outfit - I Was Good When I Was Young (38.11)09. The Sleepy Jackson - Tell the Girls That I'm Not Hanging Out (49.29)10. The Louche FC - Hands (56.42)