After reading Vic Galloway's rather nice article in today's Herald on the rise of bands in Scotland influenced by both grunge and lo-fi slacker indie rock.

Recording for our upcoming split 12" with Manchester bands Waiters and Sex Hands has seen pals recommend I have a good listen to The Meat Puppets too, if that's the kind of stuff I'm into - particularly if that's the kind of guitar sound I am enjoying at the moment.

So that's what this podcast is loosely about.  As I explain, despite growing up at the perfect time to have been into all this stuff the first time around, I ended up being only vaguely aware of it, due to being almost entirely insulated in the bubble of the international expat community in Vienna at the time, and hence only really having MTV to introduce me to new music, beyond what I happened across by accident in the record shops around town.  Which generally wasn't Dinosaur Jr.

01. Nirvana - Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover) (00.26) 02. Feel Right - She's No Good (08.47) 03. Shudderpulps - Time (10.46) 04. Spectral Park - Colours (16.13) 05. Dinosaur Jr. - Repulsion (24.24) 06. Shift-Static - Sky Burial (Waskerley Way remix) (30.20) 07. The Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire (40.54) 08. Sparklehorse - My Yoke is Heavy (42.57) 09. Narrow Sparrow - Spooky Head (47.40) 10. The Magnetic Fields - Andrew in Drag (52.00) 11. Pavement - Spit on a Stranger (59.40)