In preparation for applying for a slot on Edinburgh's student radio station Fresh Air, I thought I would challenge myself to get through an entire podcast without actually swearing because, on public access radio, you can't use naughty words.  A Toad without swearing, you say, what the fuck has the world come to?

Well to make sure I don't disappoint you in your noble quest for dissolute anti-culture I thought I'd compensate by playing a collection of the filthiest and most sweary songs I could lay my hands on.  Thinking about it, I've managed to forget Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot's truly foul 'Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus', but there you go.  I could have improved just about every playlist I've ever done in retrospect, I think, so at some point I have to draw the line.

So, I use bad words when I quote other people and when I give you the names of the songs but I don't think I let a single naughty word slip during my own chat on this one, but let me know if you catch me out. 

Toadcast #23 - The Filthcast

01. Aidan John Moffat - Cunt (01.09)02. The Pogues - Boys From the County Hell (05.24)03. Adam Balbo -Let's Make a Porno (10.03)04. Celebrity Chimp - Pornstar (13.06)05. The Tacticians - Hardcore Porns (15.37)06. Billy Bragg - St. Swithin's Day (21.05)07. Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (26.05)08. The Libertines - I Get Along (33.10)09. Carbon/Silicon - What the Fuck (35.47)10. Frank Turner - Heartless Bastard Motherfucker (42.03)11. Les Enfant Bastard - U R My Fucking Sunshine U Cunt (44.52)12. Plans & Apologies - Tony Blair Fucknut (49.50)13. The Libertines - What a Waster (57.00)14. Lambchop - Your Fucking Sunny Day (60.49)15. The Ex-Men - Suck Her (67.35)16. Micah P. Hinson - Patience (73.04)17. Eels - It's a Motherfucker (76.59)18. Doug Anthony Allstars - I Fuck Dogs (80.07)

Song, by Toad