This podcast, I suppose I am going to have to accept from the start, really isn't going to be for everyone, is it.  There is plenty of music in here, but not all that much which would make it onto a regular Toadcast. Mixed in with those few more traditional tunes is a little musical comedy, a genre with which I have a very patchy relationship indeed, and also some outright stand-up. It's the Edinburgh Festival and some friends and I were talking about how we generally avoid the whole boiling pot of shit, but that there were some comedians we would make an effort to see nevertheless. Because, with the exception of Stewart Lee, I don't have any of their stuff this isn't about people I may or may not see here in August just some stuff by comedians I happen to a/ like and b/ happen to have handy (because I am lazy).  So it may not be the usual cutting edge hipster tunefest, but it's still a very good podcast if you're into this sort of shit.  Plus it's a nice change.  So deal with it.01. Richard Cheese - Rape Me (00.22)02. Doug Anthony Allstars - If You're Happy/Waco (05.09)03. David Cross - Certain Leaders In Government Look Or Act Like Certain Pop Culture References! (08.14)04. Phil Ochs - Talking Cuban Crisis (14.54)05. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan (17.36)06. Half Man Half Biscuit - Surging Out of Convalescence (19.03)07. Animaniacs - International Friendship Song (26.15)08. Bill Hicks - Dinosaurs in the Bible (29.17)09. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan 2 (35.06)10. David Cross - Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina and Anus (36.17)11. Richard Cheese - Milkshake (43.36)12. Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Games (46.20)13. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan 3 (49.57)14. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - Stand By Your Man (51.35)15. Inspector Tapehead - I am Your Pedigree (54.49)16. Tim Minchin - Pope Song (1.00.26)17. Stewart Lee - Top Gear (1.02.41)