Coffeeeeeee... so very, very much coffee! Christ on a bike, I know I need to not be dozing off at my desk at the moment but I've had so much fucking coffee in the last couple of days I am starting to go fucking cross-eyed.

Mostly this is down to trying to get my head together after the Cold Seeds 2/Wolf Bear Crystal Toads recording sessions over the weekend which, despite my lack of real direct involvement, still managed to knock the usually ruthlessly efficient Toad machine somewhat cockeyed for a few days.

Anyhow, the disruption continues with a trip to London for the Meursault show at the Islington Assembly Hall next week, and some panel appearances in Aberdeen and at Unconvention in Preston both coming up as well. And you thought I just fucked about on the internet all day!

01. Elvis Costello - Couldn't Call it Unexpected No.4 (00.31)02. The Woken Trees - Yells (07.55)03. Arran Arctic - Covers (13.09)04. September Girls - Green Eyed (15.33)05. Laurence Made Me Cry - Intelligent Mr. Toad v2 (feat. Dementio13) (20.17)06. Woodsman - Sonic Tomb (26.35)07. Yoofs - Welcome Home (31.50)08. The Failed NASA Experiment - So I Met This Girl (38.41)09. Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where the Time Goes (44.04)10. Woodpecker Wooliams - Crow (49.07)11. Yo La Tengo - Stupid Things (56.16)