I was in Aberdeen this week, and I happened to leave town at about half three, on my way home, at which point it was pretty much fucking pitch black already. Because the Gulf Stream keeps the UK cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter you tend to forget just how very, very far North we really are.

Anyhow, between that and the cold which overtakes my office during the day because it feels indulgent to have the heating on I am definitely in my Winter mood at the moment. I like Winter, though. I like the dark and the cold and the whole 'nights drawing in' thing. I suggests time with the record player and lots of red wine, and maybe a fire as well. All good things.

So yes, I am uploading this and then going off to do just that. A new restaurant has opened just down the road from us and Mrs. Toad and I are going to toddle along and try it out tonight. After some gin and records, of course. Go us!

01. Absolutely Free - On the Beach (00.06)02. Min Diesel - Mother (11.39)03. Pinact - Beauty Freak (16.13)04. Tarsiers - Camel (demo) (20.33)05. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (live) (30.50)06. Dire Straits - Private Investigations (35.06)07. Los Angeles Police Department - Enough is Enough (44.06)08. Soft Drinks - West Suckers (45.42)09. Meursault - Dirt and the Roots (51.34)10. Sam Amidon - Fiddle Mayhem (Toad Session) (55.02)11. Glass Animals - Psylla (1.03.02)