Welcome to our sneak preview of Song, by Toad Records' plans for 2014. For the most part this is the exact track listing in the exact order of the free sampler we'll be putting up for download soon, although there are a couple of little tweaks.

I've even snuck in a special wee preview of Bastard Mountain - a tune which won't be on the sampler - primarily because that spot will be taken by The Leg, but I've played quite enough from Shrunken Tina Turner in the last few months, so I thought I would give you an exclusive treat, seeing as you're one of the 4-500 people who download this thing religiously every week.

Actually, I suppose far fewer actually download it every single week - maybe you're one of the 8-900 people who download the podcasts 'when they think about it', which results in that regular listenership of about 500. Who knows how many 'kinda' fans you have to have to regularly get 500 listeners in the first week, but I bet it's a fuck of a lot more than 500. Anyway, however many of you there are, it's a wee treat for you. You're welcome!

01. Virgin of the Birds - Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant (00.22)02. Jonnie Common - Photosynth (Split 12" version) (09.00)03. Animal Magic Tricks - Sex Acts (16.30)04. David Thomas Broughton & Juice - Yorkshire Fog (19.45)05. Plastic Animals - Ghosts (26.42)06. Siobhan Wilson - Dear God (33.00)07. Meursault - Dirt & the Roots (2014 version) (39.47)08. NAKED - In Heaven (43.27)09. Bastard Mountain - Something on Your Mind (53.27)10. Sparrow and the Workshop - One Brush (59.16)