God we're shit at this. Even the most romantic thing Mrs. Toad and I can usually bring ourselves to do on Valentine's Day - i.e. get pished and do a ranty podcast together about how we hate Valentine's Day - didn't work out this year for, erm, somewhat predictable reasons: we got a bit too jolly before recording it and it was a bunch of rambling, tedious nonsense.

So a week too late you get me by myself instead, recording a podcast stone cold sober in the middle of the afternoon. Romantic, isn't it. Ah well, never mind, I never did much like Valentine's Day anyway.

Anyhow, Mrs. Toad is off in the States at the moment, being all important and financey, and in actual fact by the time she returns I won't have seen her for about ten days, which is loads. It'll be worse when I go to SXSW with Meursault though, because that will involve us being apart for three fucking weeks, which is the most we have ever managed since the time when I lived in London and she lived in Edinburgh. Sigh.

01. The Divine Comedy - Geronimo (00.07)02. The Magnetic Fields - Love is Lighter Than Air (06.15)03. Blur - To The End (La Comedie) (with Françoise Hardy) (11.46)04. Pet Shop Boys - Left to My Own Devices (20.33)05. Meursault - No Children (Mountain Goats cover) (25.36)06. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger Medley (35.31)07. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (51.10)08. The Ronettes - Be My Baby (57.56)09. The Cure - Pictures of You (1.00.45)10. Tom Waits - All the World is Green (1.12.59)