It's all gone a bit American this week, Toadlings. I have no intention of putting out a series of strictly themed podcasts, but it's still early days and there are so many massive chunks of my music collection I want to poke about in that this may happen a couple of times before things settle down. So I started with a couple of vaguely American-sounding tracks this week and before you know it I ended up with a podcast with a definite Americana theme.

I'm quite happy with how it's all turned out though, I must confess - a nice combination of classics and small, small bands, so the playlist is working quite well by itself. And actually handling the microphone is getting easier as well. I am quite liking this podcasting business, I'd say!

1. The Band - The Weight (02.16) 2. Hem - Half Acre (09.18) 3. Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping (12.38) 4. Cherry Ghost - Mathematics (20.27) 5. The Holy Modal Rounders - Hey Hey Baby (25.30) 6. Night Jar - Sweet Annie Lee (28.30) 7. Caramel Jack - Lincoln Jackson Incident (33.45) 8. The Builders & the Butchers - Spanish Death Song (39.27) 9. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Ballad of a Thin Man (49.51) 10. Rick Redbeard - Blood (54.06) 11. Billie Holiday - Georgia on My Mind (59.26) 12. Night Jar - Big Black Horse (64.05) 13. Broken Records - Lies (71.45) 14. DeVotchka - The Enemy Guns (77.57)

Song, by Toad