So, with the first podcast of the year I suppose I should be doing New Year's Resolutions, right? I guess I do have some, sort of, for a change.

Firstly, I didn't exactly keep on top of the label admin well enough last year - particularly the accounts - so that really does need to improve.

We're doing gigs again this year, partly because it seems to help with the general awareness of the label and partly because no-one in Edinburgh seems to be putting on the kind of gigs I want to go to. Actually, that's less of a resolution really, and more of an announcement, isn't it.

And thirdly, we have to suck less at PR. I've got a few plans for this, but mostly we just have to do a better job of getting label artists covered in the bigger online magazines in particular. It's heavy work, PR stuff, but if you can't do PR then you aren't really a label so it has to be done.

Also, we have a playlist on Soundcloud of all the new bands we're working with this year.

01. The Muppets - Movin' Right Along (00.00)02. Garden of Elks - This Morning We Are Astronauts (02.47)03. Le Thug - Basketball Land (10.07)04. Krill - Sick Dogs (For Ian) (18.49)05. Body Cheetah - I'm There (22.17)06. Jane Weaver - The Electric Mountain (31.26)07. Rob Cantor - Shia LeBeouf (37.13)08. Lush Purr - Horses on Morphine (41.07)09. Supermoon - Klopfgeist (47.56)10. Numbers Are Futile - Vice Over Reason (55.55)11. digitalanalogue - Café Royal (1.01.03)12. The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage (1.07.51)