Hiya folks, once again in advance of the glorious Pale Imitation Festival we have a podcast exploring all the weird and wonderful bands who will be playing in Edinburgh during August for your wild and enthusiastic entertainment.

Because you're coming along, right? All of you?

Oh god do please come. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

Ah fuck that, it's really undignified when I grovel isn't it. Fucking come along or you are missing the fuck out on seeing the best under-the-radar bands in Scotland at the most reasonable of prices (a fiver per show or a season ticket to the whole damn thing for £25 - all tickets here) in one of Edinburgh's most legendary underground venues. (Literally. It's actually a cellar.)


It's a bit haphazard, but it's a bloody great festival, the beer in Henry's is really good these days and the wonderful Kitchen Disco will be providing cakes and DJing on every single night because they are massive heroes and they are the reason the terrorists will never win.

01. Numbers Are Futile - Monster (00.17)02. Beam - Hex (08.12)03. Bat Bike - Willing (18.52)04. Sharptooth - Queen of Scots (26.37)05. Min Diesel - War Band (28.32)06. Adam Stafford - Atheist Money (35.07)07. Wolf - Tricks and Bones (42.56)08. Tryptamines - Black and White Blues (47.57)09. Supermoon - Klopfgeist (55.45)

10. Happy Meals - Electronic Disco (1.03.57)