Hello, more Toadcastery.  I've, erm, focussed on Dadrock for this one.  Not too much of it on the playlist, fortunately, although there's a couple of well-known names on there.  In my defence though, I couldn't bring myself to feature Coldplay, so I was forced into the compromise of playing an almighty butchering of one of their songs by the splendid Richard Cheese. 

Basically I spend most of this podcast trying to justify the presence of so much bland music in the charts and how the hell that came to pass.  There's plenty of chatter about how music is used as a sort of social glue as well, in which case the quality of the stuff becomes almost secondary.  There are some really good new bands on this as well - The Velcro Quartet are particularly brilliant, as are the songs by Mumford & Son, Yoshimi! and Honeytrap.  Enjoy responsibly.

Toadcast #32 - The Tribecast

  1. Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme (01.32)
  2. The Velcro Quartet - Dead Dog's Hill (07.53)
  3. Seabear - Teenage Kicks (11.17)
  4. Athlete - Shake Those Windows (21.02)
  5. Richard Cheese - Yellow (30.31)
  6. ESL - Czarne Oczy (31.59)
  7. Emiliana Torrini - Me & Armeni (39.50)
  8. Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (43.24)
  9. Snow Patrol - Last Ever Lone Gunman (48.11)
  10. The Killers - All These Things That I've Done (58.17)
  11. The Pictish Trail - All I Own (66.52)
  12. Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page (73.01)
  13. Honeytrap - Song For Nona (82.18)
  14. The Velcro Quartet - How to Kill Your Wife (87.04)
  15. Yoshimi! - Song For Suzy (Demo) (94.34)
  16. Frank Turner - The Outdoor Type (100.34)Song, by Toad