Well as you probably know, Mrs. Toad and I spent the last quarter of 2015 living in Brooklyn - in Red Hook to be precise - and it was fucking amazing.

Red Hook itself is a fucking brilliant neighbourhood. Still pretty industrial, but with loads of really nice places, so the balance between residents and incoming hipsters (like, I suppose, ourselves - we are the problem!) is still pretty decent for the time being. Only a matter of time, I suppose, but for now it's a pretty great place to be.

Well while I was out there I went to some gigs, listened to some music, and with the help of my little brother's recording expertise and Tom from Gold Flake Paint's curatorial sagacity we made a record. That's right, the fifth Song, by Toad Split 12" (actually the one and only release on Toad Flake Paint Records) was recorded at the National Opera Centre while I was out there.

So this is a mix of bands I saw, bands I listened to and bands I worked with in the three months when we could pretend to be a trendy Brooklyn record label for a bit.

01. The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You (00.24)02. Told Slant - Ohio Snow Falls (09.29)03. Sean Henry - The Crow (12.32)04. Samantha Crain - Elk City (20.59)05. Kevin Morby - Slow Train (29.01)06. Florist - Vacation (39.39)07. Furnsss - Settle Down (43.31)08. Alex G. - Kicker (52.15)09. Cashavelly Morrison - Iodine (55.24)10. Infinity Girl - Firehead (1.03.52)