This was recorded at the Happiness Hotel back in early Summer 2016 on a gloriously sunny day in Leith.

Storm the Palace were up in Edinburgh to record at Chamber Studio which happens to be just down the road from us so they took the opportunity to pop in and record a Toad Session while they were around. Sophie, as it happens, is a veteran of Toad Sessions past, having been up here with Honeytrap to record a session back in 2009. That was possibly our most drunken and raucous Toad Session of all time, ending in a drunken dance party in the living room.

This time around things were rather more sedate, with polite beers in the garden afterwards, but the session still turned out beautifully. Thanks to photographers Andy Catlin and Steven Crichton, and to Rich Hanrahan for filming and Lily Higham for filming and editing the videos for us.

01. Storm the Palace - DLR Dreaming (Toad Session) (00.28) 02. Abba - Let the Music Speak (12.17) 03. Reginald Dixon - I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside (17.26) 04. Storm the Palace - Statues and Snowmen (Toad Session) (22.17) 05. Honeytrap - Death Before the Silver Screen (Toad Session) (29.27) 06. Meursault - A Sort of Doctor Who Theme, Kind Of (33.24) 07. Storm the Palace - On Snowing (Toad Session) (38.57) 08. Chump - Treat Me Mean (46.01) 09. Korova - Small Amour (50.57) 10. Storm the Palace - Does it Have a Name (Toad Session) (1.04.04)