Oh deary me.  A somewhat slurred podcast this week.  I recorded this on Friday night after coming home from sharing about seven pints with my boss at Proper Job, who is a thoroughly decent chap and doesn't get out for beers as often as he used to due to an unfortunate breeding accident in which his wife had a baby, thus confining him to the house.  The lesson - gentlemen, for the love of god, don't let them breed!

So I came back to the house and wanted to play some loud music.  I popped a bottle of beer, bought some munchies and mumbled my way through a pile of loud, rambunctious songs that I played far too loud as I sorted out the playlist, and great fun it all was too. I asked about modern rowdy music this week, and Bart kindly recommended some bands, a couple of whom I assume I may have been a little quick to dismiss in the past, so I am going to have another go at them.

Looking through the playlist, I find one thing sticking out more than anything else: how the hell can you tell a Sex Pistols demo from a Sex Pistols recording?

Toadcast #42 - Noise Please

  1. The Libertines - What a Waster (02.56)
  2. The Von Bondies - Shallow Grave (08.59)
  3. The Bellrays - Blues For Godzilla (12.05)
  4. Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Ballad of the Sulphate Strangler (17.49)
  5. The Damned - Thrill Kill (23.07)
  6. Hoggboy - Left & Right (29.31)
  7. Liars - Mr You're on Fire Mr (35.33)
  8. Monster Magnet - Kiss of the Scorpion (37.57)
  9. The Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK (Demo) (43.24)
  10. The Fall - Two Librans (49.47)
  11. The Small Faces - All or Nothing (Live) (.)
  12. The Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor (.)Song, by Toad