It's teh next Great Depreshun oh noes!  Or maybe we're just moaning like a bunch of fucking girls.  After the doom and gloom in the papers it seems time to actually compare the current financial tantrum to the Great Depression and tell anyone who makes that comparison to fuck right off and stop being so self-indulgent.

Even compared to the rough times in the fucking eighties when Margaret Thatcher eviscerated everywhere in England outside the M25.  She destroyed the country.  Annihilating nationalised industries which were no longer economic makes sense, but completely destroying the industries that keep a town alive at the same time as you destroy the support networks provided by the state and also refusing to do anything to encourage industries to grow that might replace the thousands of jobs you have just made vanish is just slash and burn social policy.

There may be a little too much opinionated political opinion and general drunken rambling between myself and my darling girl Mrs. Toad, but erm, well, fuck it you're own your own.  Listen if you think you can face it.  But you must understand, we were vewy bewwwy drnk.

Toadcast #44 - The Whingecast

01. Woody Guthrie - Do Re Mi (04.20) 02. Ray's Vast Basement - Black Cotton (12.52) 03. The Specials - Ghost Town (15.31) 04. The Clash - Career Opportunities (25.33) 05. Billy Bragg - To Have and to Have Not (36.04) 06. Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (36.03) 07. 4 or 5 Magicians - Forever on the Edge (39.25) 08. The Men They Couldn't Hang - The Ghosts of Cable Street (52.29) 09. The Willard Grant Conspiracy - Evening Mass (62.44) 10. Phil Ochs - No Christmas in Kentucky (68.29)

Song, by Toad