Today I am angry at Capitalism.  Partly, funnily enough, I am angry at Capitalism because in many ways I myself am a Capitalist.  The problem I have with Capitalism is not really the theory, but the practise.  So many people and companies who chant the free market mantra simply are not free marketeers.  They want isolationism and protectionism as much as the most paranoid Marxist when it will protect their interests, but they won't for a second entertain the economic theory behind that sort of behaviour - gosh no!

So there is plenty of paranoid ranting in this week's podcast, railing against people who talk all Capitalist whilst not actually being Capitalist, people who are moral and honorable in their personal lives but who turn into voracious whores as soon as they put on a suit and, erm, well generally there's lots of pish to be talked, sorry.

Still, at least it's marginally better than last week.

Podcast #66 - The Greedcast

01. Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (03.27) 02. Billy Bragg - NPWA (16.27) 03. Eric Bachmann - Liars & Thieves (21.30) 04. The Zincs - Moguls' Wives (28.04) 05. Tom Lehrer - Selling Out (34.24) 06. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (39.16) 07. The Clash - Bankrobber (45.07) 08. Tom Waits - God's Away on Business (54.07) 09. Billy Bragg - To Have and to Have Not (65.56)