I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone with this podcast.  Firstly, I am throwing in a couple of songs that I wanted to put on the Contrast Podcast episode entitled Young a few weeks ago.  I was away at my brother's wedding at the time, and I never got the chance so here they are.

Secondly, a good while ago a regular reader of mine called Allen Lulu tagged me with one of these internetty meme thingies whereby you write about the music that was in the charts the year you turned 18.  Well for me that year was 1993, but the chart music was abysmal, so I couldn't possibly do that to you.  Instead I had a look at what I was listening to myself from that year and came across so many excellent old songs I haven't heard for ages that a quick post turned into an entire podcast.  And this is that podcast - me at age 18.

Toadcast #9 - The Folly of Youth

  1. The Spin Doctors - Two Princes (03.21)
  2. Stereo MCs - Connected (09.08)
  3. Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar (13.41)
  4. Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (17.30)
  5. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Loverman (25.12)
  6. Levellers - This Garden (31.29)
  7. James - Five-O (38.24)
  8. The Long Blondes - Once & Never Again (6Music Acoustic Session) (43.12)
  9. Gogol Bordello - Never Want to be Young Again (49.48)
  10. The Mathletes - Linger (Cranberries Cover) (55.27)
  11. Pearl Jam - Daughter (57.45)
  12. Blind Melon - No Rain (63.19)
  13. Soul Asylum - New World (67.57)
  14. The Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (71.50)
  15. Portishead - Mysterons (75.24)
  16. Engine Alley - Song For Someone (82.26)Song, by Toad