I get an awful lot of stuff in my inbox.  When I get jaded and fed
up it seems like a bit of a burden, in all honesty, like I owe it to
every band and every publicity monkey who ever gets in touch with me to
give them complete attention and the time to let the music sink in and
all these things which just aren't possible.

Sometimes, though, I get in the right mood and having an inbox full of bits and bobs is an indulgent treat.  This week is one of those weeks, where I am enjoying pottering through my inbox and having a listen to this and that and basically, it's just a bit of a treat.

So, after weeks of structured and themed stuff, this week I am basically playing whatever the fuck it is I fancy.  No theme, no plan no goal and no coherence in particular

Toadcast #98 - Randomness

01. Stanley Brinks - The End of the World (01.42) 02. Tune Yards - Hap-B (08.09) 03. eagleowl - Laughter (17.00) 04. Stringjammer - Long Road Home (19.45) 05. Eels - Little Bird (26.09) 06. Fang Island - Daisy (31.32) 07. Candy Claws - Island Grows (41.30) 08. Animal Collective - Bleeding (43.41) 09. Dylan in the Movies - Josephine (52.53) 10. Clues - Perfect Fit (61.20)