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Halloween Show

Joy Division - Shadowplay
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Alice Cooper - Devil's Food
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Over At The Frankenstein Place
Tuff Darts - She's Dead
The Fuzztones - I'm The Wolfman
The Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush
Kip Tyler - She's My Witch
Pearl Harbour And The Explosions - Alone In The Dark
The Misfits - Die, Die My Darling
The Birthday Party - A Dead Song
Bush Tetras - Things That Go Boom In The Night
Tony Iommi feat. Ian Astbury - Flame On
White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65
13th Chime - Cursed
Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost
Teenage Jesus and The Jerks - Orphans
Cult Maniax - The Anti-Christ Is Here
Ministry - Deity

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